Nos complace informar la incorporación a nuestro Estudio de los Dres. Claudio Sánchez Sopeña, como Asociado, en las áreas de Litigios Civiles y Comerciales, Asuntos Complejos y Arbitraje Nacional e Internacional y Fernando Giorello, como Consultor en Derecho Comercial y Societario.


Ex-Estudio O’Farrell partners revive former firm

by Emily Darby for Latin Lawyer

Two former partners of Argentina’s Estudio O'Farrell Abogados – including the most recent managing partner – have left to relaunch their former firm, García Pullés & Calatrava Abogados. Fernando García Pullés and Daniel Calatrava reopened their firm on 1 September. The outfit previously operated under the name Estudio García Pullés, Calatrava & Asociados from 1985 to 2006, when García Pullés and Calatrava joined Estudio O’Farrell as partners. Calatrava was the managing partner of Estudio O’Farrell from 2013 until his recent departure. 

Returning to their former venture, García Pullés and Calatrava aim to streamline their offering, focusing on specialised legal services in disputes resolution. The firm will also offer advice in public, family and real estate law, as well as entertainment law, and counts Casino Buenos Aires as a key client. The new firm also has a complex legal affairs department, which will be dedicated to more demanding disputes cases.

Speaking to Latin Lawyer, the partners explained that the covid-19 pandemic has created a need for more “bespoke” legal advice. “Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures,” says Calatrava, who suggests full-service law firms have been challenged by the coronavirus crisis, with more clients looking for a personal approach. “We considered it was the right time for us to go back to our roots, a one-to-one way of working with our long-term clients,” adds García Pullés.

The firm’s strategy “is to promote and enrich a direct and devoted lawyer-client relationship,” by specialising in specific areas of the law, says Calatrava. “There is a new reality – especially in Argentina – which means that covering all legal specialities will, in many cases, negatively affect a law firm’s natural commitment,” explains García Pullés, pointing out that the current global economic and health crisis has put unprecedented demand on the legal system, creating a space for a specialised legal offering.

The partners say the pandemic is likely to trigger several international and complex litigation cases, for which flexibility and a small-sized firm will be optimal. “In the current reality, the ability to adapt, shift and evolve will demonstrate the quality of work and commitment a law firm is willing to provide,” says Calatrava, adding that the new firm is well equipped to display that agility.

García Pullés’ practice focuses on administrative and arbitration law, while Calatrava advises on civil and commercial litigation. They have experience advising big international and local clients, including the Argentine subsidiary of US automotive company Ford, local internet provider Neutrona, multinational conglomerate Du Pont, US telecoms group Nextel and Spanish bank Sabadell. Besides the two partners’ private practice they have previously also held positions in Argentina’s judiciary and legal advisory roles in the government.

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