Noemi Apezechea



Graduated from the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires in 1985, forming a central part of the Litigation area, specializing in family and inheritance law.

Since his professional graduation, he has dedicated himself continuously to the practice of law independently, specializing in advising on family and inheritance matters. He has extensive experience in the processing of legal proceedings on these matters and in the field of damages derived from contractual and extra-contractual civil liability.



She has carried out extensive teaching work at the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires, successively reviewing as Head of Practical Works, Interim Adjunct Professor and regular Adjunct Professor by competition in the field of Civil Law V –Family and Successions-, from the year 1986 and up to the present. In this area, she was also appointed associate professor in charge of the course on "Marriage Property Regime" of the Oriented Professional Cycle, between 1991 and 1995.

She also developed teaching tasks at the University of the Argentine Social Museum, as Adjunct Professor in the chair of Civil Law V -Family and Successions-, Associate Professor in the subjects of Family Law and Succession Law at the John F. Kennedy Argentine University and in the Universidad de Belgrano as Head of Practical Works in Professional Practice I.

And she participated in congresses, conferences and seminars related to her specialty as a commission authority and / or exhibitor.



Titular member of the Jury of the Contest of Opposition and Background No. 372, of the Council of the Magistracy, Commission for the Selection of Magistrates and Judicial School, destined to fill the position of Judge in seven National Courts of First Instance in Civil Family Matters.

Advisor to the Secretariat for the Defense of Competition and the Consumer, within the framework of a United Nations Development Program.

Member of the "O'Farrell Study" in the capacity of Associate Consultant in the Specialty of Family and Succession Law, of the Civil and Commercial Litigation Department, from 2007 to 2020.



  • Encyclopedia of Family Law (Volume II, Voice: Forms of Marriage) directed by Drs. Carlos Lagomarsino and Marcelo Salerno, published by the Editorial Universidad de Buenos Aires.

  • Investigation of extramarital paternity by the Public Ministry for Minors - Art. 255 of the Civil Code, published in the Law Review Law.

  • Alcoholism and drug addiction as causes of personal separation and bonding divorce, published in La Ley Law Review.

  • "The Jurisdiction of Attraction in the inheritance trial: Moment until which it operates" Commentary ruling CNCiv., Sal a H, Sept. 13-1990, files "Simonetti, Luis c / Sanz, Francisco and others s / damages and prejudices", In collaboration. LL 1991-D-433.


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