Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In the area of Litigation and Dispute Resolution we have a broad domain of Civil, Commercial and Procedural Law, achieved through the professional experience accumulated over decades, which has allowed us to know in depth the complexities that judicial procedures exhibit daily, and also a very fast adaptation to the new digital process in Argentina.


A vast experience in conflict resolution before judicial and arbitration courts and before different administrative bodies, allows us to provide strategic advice in commercial, contractual and extra-contractual, corporate and bankruptcy, debt restructuring processes, among others.


Our professional activity has focused on legal advice and representation of plaintiffs and defendants, through individual claims as well as class actions of great national and international significance (DuPont de Argentina, Pioneer de Argentina, Corteva, among others).


We have paid special attention to negotiation, arbitration and mediation solutions in this territory, which for many years we have managed to the great benefit of our clients, respecting the idea of their condition as business owners.


We continue to provide advisory services and legal representation in processes related to dealership contracts, distributor contracts and the consequences of conflicts.


We have a wide network of correspondents in the countryside, which allows us to respond immediately to the needs of our clients, when it comes to exercising their judicial or administrative representation in any city in Argentina.

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