Public and Administrative Law

The background of our lawyers specially qualify us to advise and represent clients in Administrative and Constitutional Law areas at the federal, provincial and municipal levels; disputes over specially regulated economic activities and contractual or rate renegotiation processes; in administrative procedures and resources; tenders, competitions and public contracts.

The actions carried out by the members of our team in the field of public function, in legal advice to the National State and in the judicial field, as well as the academic experience , especially enable us to offer this area of ​​practice as one of the distinctive skills of our professional practice.

For many years we have provided quality services in these and other branches of Public Law, based on academic and professional experience, with outcomes that have generated recognition for our performance among peers and clients.

Also, here the commitment is based on the personal dedication of the most qualified professionals for each specialty, in an interactive relationship with clients that means a qualitative difference in terms of legal advice and sponsorship or administrative or judicial representation.


Administrative Contracts

The end of the current health and economic-social situation has to be materialized in a greater intervention of the State in the economy. In this framework, contracts with the State will acquire an unusual importance for the restoration of industrial activity. The experience and background of our professionals in the field allow us to offer advice of uneven quality in this area, both in the preparation, as well as in the selection procedures of the contractors and even in the execution of contracts, with special expertise in electronic systems for abovementioned aspects, as we demonstrated in advising the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires on the occasion of the Youth Olympics, Buenos Aires, 2018.

But the advice cannot conclude in such stages, because it is usual for conflicts to generate conciliation channels - to be decided or agreed upon at the administrative forum - or are transferred to the jurisdictional sphere, in the challenge of administrative acts that are issued during each of the described stages and, above all, after the completion of the agreements. Also, our experience in the procedure and administrative litigation ranks the service that we can provide to our clients, based on the enormous knowledge acquired throughout the years of professional practice in the matter.

We act on behalf of clients in processes of special complexity in their creation and development, litigating against the National State (litigation of Public Law and judicial review), the Provincial States and the Municipalities, in the most varied matters of ius-administrative relations. This aspect is also developed in the realization of direct appeals against administrative sanctioning acts, appeals before Federal and Provincial Courts, extraordinary federal appeals before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, and processes in the original jurisdiction of the highest court.