Complex Legal Affairs

The dispute is no longer represented only by individual conflicts. The general contracting conditions, consumer relations, user protection and the modes of regulation of the ius-administrative relationship, require considering other types of controversies, which are governed by different principles.


We have promoted the first regulations of structural and class actions and participated in some of the most important legal cases, institutionally or economically,; as well as in cases whose definition exceeded the limit of the interests of the parties in conflict, to affect third parties.


The treatment of these collective conflicts or those of manifest difficulty of management has not only taken place in the judicial or arbitral sphere, but also in the field of negotiation and agreements, with a professional activity justified in the need to mitigate the harmful consequences of decisions that, many times, do not satisfy to any of the parties in dispute.


Hence, we consider essential the opening of a special area for the treatment of “complex legal affairs”, oriented to deal with these conflicts in public or private law, which require special experience and personalized attention by those who have the authorizing background to manage them.

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