Real Estate

The management of real estate development projects can no longer cope with the legal tools of the second millennium, where each delay is crucial to determine their success or failure.


Today, a much more agile advice is required, which makes use of recent experience and the facilities and modalities provided by financial and construction trusts, agreements with developers, administrative procedures in environmental matters and urban regulation, the contractor selection processes, the formalization of the legal relationships with the project designers and project managers, the design of the legal aspects of the advertisements within the framework of the Consumer Protection Law and of the sale contracts; the agreements with  notaries regarding the way in which the co-ownership regulations will be granted and the inclusion of essential provisions to properly finalize the developments.


We have accompanied several of these projects, among which we can mention: Arboris San Isidro; the development and sale of the five towers in Puerto Madero under the Zencity complex; the Puerto de Frutos de Tigre; among others.


The size and quality of the work carried out in each of these developments authorize us to invoke qualified experience in this area of legal advice and representation.

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